Архитектура и строительство

Следующие глаголы требуют после себя предлогов

to agree to/with — соглашаться с чем — то
to call for/on — зайти за кем — то
to count on — надеяться, рассчитывать на кого — то
to deal with — иметь дело с
to hear of — слышать о
to insist on/upon — настаивать на
to interfere with — вмешиваться в, мешать
to laugh at — смеяться над
to look after — ухаживать за
to look at — смотреть

to put up with — примириться с
to refer to — ссылаться на
to rely on/upon — полагаться на
to send for — посылать за
to speak about/ of, to говорить о, с
to talk about — говорить о
to think of — думать о
to write about — писать о
to find fault with — придираться к
to make fun of — насмехаться над
to pay attention to — обращать внимание на
to take care of – заботиться

to operate on – оперировать

to look for – искать

to ask for — просить

1. Замените действительный залог страдательным, обращая внимание на место предлога.
1. The senior students laughed at the freshman.
2. The group spoke tom the dean yesterday.
3. Young mothers looked after their babies with great care.
4. Nobody lived in that old house.
5. We thought about our friend all the time.
6. The doctor will operate on him in a week.
7. The teacher sent for the pupils parents.
8. They looked for the newspaper everywhere.
9. Nobody slept in the bed.
10. The neighbor asked for the telegram.

2 . Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную формы.
1. Marmalade is made of oranges.
2. This town was built a century ago.
3. They were invited to a birthday party.
4. The fax has just been sent.
5. America was discovered long ago.
6. The book is still being published.
7. My neighbor’s car was stolen last night.
8. His winter boots were made in Germany.
9. The building was ruined by the earthquake.
10. Italian is spoken in Italy and on Malta.

3. Замените действительный залог страдательным.
А) 1. Many people attend the lecture. 2. Someone has eaten the cake. 3. He will leave the ticket on the table. 4. They were discussing the report the whole evening. 5. People speak English in many countries. 6. Snow will cover the fields in winter. 7. Everyone can see the film soon. 8. The gardener has planted some apple –trees. 9. His parents have bought him a new bicycle. 10. They will advertise the product on TV.
В) 1. An actor killed President Abraham Lincoln. 2. Alexander Bell invented the telephone. 3. The Chinese invented paper. 4. They invented photography. 5. The French government gave the Statue of Liberty to the American people. 6. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal mausoleum for his wife who died in 1631. 7. They make Volkswagen cars in Germany. 8. Columbus discovered America. 9. Fleming discovered penicillin. 10. They talked much about that problem.

4. Дайте правильный ответ на следующие вопросы, используя подсказки.
1. Was “Mona Lisa” painted by Picasso?
2. Was Mickey Mouse created by Warners?
3. Was the song “Imagine” written by Elvis Presley?
4. Was the film “Titanic” directed by Alfred Hitchcock?
5. Was “Romeo and Juliet” written by Agatha Christie?
6. Was the Parthenon built by the ancient Romans?
7. Was the telephone invented by Siemens?
8. Was America discovered by Marco Polo?
9. Was “The Moonlight Sonata” composed by Tchaikovsky? 10. Were the pyramids built in China?
Leonardo da Vinci, the ancient Egyptians, James Cameron, the ancient Greeks, Walt Disney, John Lennon, Shakespeare, Alexander Bell, Christopher Columbus, Beethoven

5. Put the verb in passive, in the tense shown in brackets:

My car __________ (damage) last night. (past simple)

This computer _________ (make) in the U.S.A. (present simple)

The machine ___________ (make) in Scotland. (present simple)

The president ____________ (kill) last night. (past simple)

The money ______________ (change) into dollars at the bank. (present simple)

The house _____________ (paint) every year. (present simple)

Several people _____________ (hurt) in an accident last night. (past simple)

The children ___________ (give) some food. (present simple)

The cars _____________ (take) to Australia. (future simple)

She ___________ (give) a present. (past simple)

Cheese ___________ (make) from milk. (present simple)

6. Rewrite these sentences, active into passive. Some of them have two complements, so they have two solutions:

I clean the garages every day.

The garages…….

Someone has given him a lot of money.

He …………

The police arrested two hundred students.

Two hundred students ………..

We export this computer to seven countries.

This computer ………..

They have invited all the students in the school.

All ………

They send two million books to America every year.

We had told him not to be late again.


Her father gave her a doll for her birthday.

They were painting the outside of the ship when the accident happened.

You should keep the flowers in a warm sunny place.

You musn’t use the machine after 3.oo p.m.

7. Rewrite these sentences, passive into active:

“Romeo and Juliet” was written by Shakespeare.

Mr. Douglas was questioned by the police.

They were brought a new house.

Two hundred people were being invited to my wedding.

The bomb was being carried to a safe place when it exploded.

The children had been told about the party.

Students are expected not to talk during the examination.

8. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the passive:

I can’t lend you my jacket because it __________________ (clean)

You ______________ (not allow) to park here.

The letter seemed ________________ (write) by a child.

The house _____________ (not sell) yet.

When the teacher arrived, the class ______________ (use) by other students.

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